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Moments in Time

Moments in Time

By Morgan Smith
Staff Writer

Saturday, Sept. 7 starts off with some light rain, perfect for supporting the growth of new mushrooms. As Fungus Fair kicks off, there couldn’t be a more perfect time, especially after the recent drought. This annual event runs all day for two days spanning the weekend.

Fungus Fair has activities for all ages. A great place to start is the mushroom display at the Girdwood Community Room. There are hand painted mushroom themed places to take your photo with your face on display: handmade, knitted mushrooms; mushroom books with authors participating in Fungus Fair events; and several different types of apparel for purchase. The wonderful volunteers are there to guide you in a direction to participate in what activities appeal to you.

Activities range from guided mushroom walks with mycologists, “Forays,” mushrooms to dye with demo where you get to dye two silk scarves with pigments derived purely from wild harvested mushrooms, several different talks with a variety of subjects and lecturers, cooking demo, workshops and a social at Girdwood Brewing Company. The social includes food trucks, local beers and fun with fun-guys.

For a schedule of future events and to make plans to attend next year, make sure to check out their website at You can continue to support local mushroom activities and share your love of fungus by joining the Turnagain Arm Mycological Society (TAMS). To sign up for TAMS, you can fill out the forms listed on the Fungus Fair page and send them in with your dues.

In addition to putting on the Fungus Fair, TAMS hosts several events throughout the year, along with monthly meetings and talks. The goal of TAMS is to answer fungi questions, including which mushrooms are edible, organize and sponsor mushroom related events and help provide mushroom identification for poisoning cases.

If you have a passion for mushrooms, whether it is taking photos, harvesting, producing dye or one of their many other uses, checkout the Fungus Fair and TAMS and let them help you grow your fun fungus knowledge.

Morgan Smith / Glacier City Gazette
(L-R) Fungus Fair volunteers Ellen Twiname, Margie Hamilton, and Kate Mohatt

Morgan Smith / Glacier City Gazette
Mushroom display