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Moments in Time

Moments in Time

By Morgan Smith
Staff Writer

On Aug. 18th, and I strolled up Glacier Creek with my sons to get one last adventure in before the school year officially begins. We decided to meander upstream after walking the first portion of the National Historic Iditarod trail that begins alongside the school. Once we emerged from the woods and onto the dry creek bed, a new world opened up to us.

We came upon some fresh black bear tracks imprinted in mud, making them perfect for viewing. They were so well preserved it almost felt haunting to know they are so close by. With Glacier Creek teeming with fish, I wasn’t surprised in to see the bear tracks and expected to see more.

A little further upstream, we found several rusted pieces of metal that from the looks of them seem to be remnants of old mining equipment. A look into the past for sure and it was exhilarating to be reminded of this towns history and how it still surrounds us.

As we sat to eat our lunch, we spotted cairns across the creek. Curiosity got the best of us and we followed the direction they seemed to be pointing us. About a half mile further up the creek, hidden amongst the face of a cliff was a simple structure build for someone to take temporary refuge. This cliffside home was a fun find and proves how much others love to wander and explore as much as we did. Just another cherished moment in a town that is as special as the people that reside in it.

It is Aug. 20, and once again that unforgettable sound from our childhood tolls – the school bell. With the bike rack filled and wardrobes chosen, children begin to scream with joy as they greet their friends and rush off to find their place at a desk officially kicking off the 2019/2020 school year. Equipped with a new principal, Kari Anderson, the school seemed alive with excitement and ready to take on the new year. And as the sun shone down on all the parents, we sighed with relief, and I couldn’t think of a better way to get the year underway.

Morgan Smith / Glacier City Gazette
Black bear prints in mud

Morgan Smith / Glacier City Gazette
A new school year has begun.