Letters to the Editor | Glacier City Gazette
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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Dear Girdwood,

Thirty years ago I came into this valley because I loved to ski and needed a job. I figured that if I got a job and found cheap housing I’d stay. That first winter was amazing! I never knew what 30 feet of snow looked like. The friendships I made, (avalanche parties), was like nothing I had ever known before. One of my co-workers turned into a lot more than either of us had expected and so began the Alaskan Messing Family. Befriended by like people, our family grew. Never have I experienced the support, love and generosity that Girdwood is. We are so humbled by all our community has given us – all the love – I don’t think I have ever felt so overwhelmed with gratitude as I have these past few weeks!

Thank You – Thank You – Thank you

Those words don’t come close to conveying all I wish to say or feel, but Thank You just the same!!!

With love,
the Messings

To the Editor,

Heartfelt thanks to the Secret Berm Angel who cleared the berms from my driveway! You were such a thoughtful neighbor, even as I waited for days, believing it was the responsibility of the contractor to do the job. (Whoever that is may be too young to remember the shining example set by the late Dick Redmond, whose berm patrol closely followed his plows around town before dawn.)

Did the Snow Goddess send us our first significant snowfall to test the system? If so, she may just decide Girdwood isn’t worth another one, unless we promise driveway berms will be cleared the next time!

Sue Scherwin