Letter to the Editor | Glacier City Gazette
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Letter to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

Dear Reader,

Straight away I admit to feeling a bit beyond my depth here. Though an editor myself, this is in fact my premier letter to one, so bear with me.

Soon winds of change will shift my young family from Alaska’s fare shores and, insomuch, I write now to advocate the compassion which I hope will ever-thrive there.

The Glacier City Gazette, as its mission indicates, is a literary campaign to connect readers with the surrounding community.

Since its inception, the Gazette has introduced or informed upon public services, local businesses, non-profits, and (naturally) the colorful characters iconic to recreational regions.

Here I encourage the lens be widened in appreciation of those most vital community building blocks; the irreplaceable, albeit generically anointed, ‘They.’

For starters, They are everywhere, and quite well known.
They are integral participants to each new day.
They shop the Merc. They share the chair. They brew the beer, and buy the round.
They enjoy Frisbee golf, trekking, and ice cream. They are all about pets.
They make time to fish, mountain bike, paint, and write. They care for the environment and volunteer often.
They are passionate about climbing, gardening, river trips, libraries, and live music. They recognize the sacred.
They love their families, and They cherish their friends.
They work hard.

In an increasingly fast-forward world; one seemingly hell-bent upon segregation, it is my hope that They should ever-receive our compassion. After all, They are just like us. In fact, more than that, They are us.

Which suggests, in the end, They are home.

So farewell, dear Reader, Familia Fadden will see you at home.
But don’t wait up (we’re taking the long way).

Warmest regards…and Happy Day!
P.M. Fadden