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Letter to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

APD Presence Not Just about Safety

The Anchorage Police Department is patrolling the Seward Highway all the way to Ingram Creek now. I read the front page article in the 2/28/18 Gazette “Highway Law Enforcement Ordinance.” The tax increase will be minimal or at least looks like it is.

It probably will be safer. (Especially for the fine officers patrolling the highway, who won’t be responding to crime in Anchorage -which I hear isn’t getting better.)

Don’t get me wrong. I like the APD! I can truly say I’m proud of them! APD’s response time for missing and lost children is incredible! I’m not against APD patrolling the Seward Highway. Some folks drive crazy.

But let’s not be duped into thinking it’s ALL about safety. It’s also about generating income for the Municipality of Anchorage – fines, court and legal fees. Anyone got a ticket lately? Those traffic fines aren’t 25 bucks like they use to be.

The fine for no insurance is 500 bucks. The expired registration fine is $100. I bet the least expensive speeding ticket you’ll get is $210.00. And the bottom dollar says they are not hiring any more clerks at the court to process this stuff. The MOA has been laying people off generally and giving them bigger work loads. Try to talk to the city clerks, and they don’t have time to talk.

I hope they use some of these funds to take care of other city jobs and legal services as well. Money is getting tougher to come by for most people every day. I’m not complaining. I’m thankful; but know it also has to do with generating funds.

These officers are generally good guys so please be respectful and remember it is their job and duty to make the highway safer.

Sourdough Dru
Hope, Alaska